As we continue to navigate the perilous waters of COVID-19 and eagerly anticipate the dry land that awaits on the other side of the pandemic, it’s worth remembering that some changes may be here to stay, including working from home.

Staying connected in a hybridized work environment will be key to getting the job done, and audio visual technology is proving essential for keeping employees and teams engaged, connected, productive, and effective.

COVID-19 Caused an Upsurge in the Number of Employees Working Remotely

The number of Canadians working from home jumped significantly as the pandemic shut down workplaces, compelling employers to equip workers with the resources, including audiovisual technology, to do their jobs remotely. A Statistics Canada survey from last March, when COVID-19 began impacting the economy, found that 4.7 million Canadians were working from home.

Add that to the employees who were already working from home, and the number jumped to 6.8 million, nearly 40% of the nation’s workforce. That’s a lot of employees who aren’t going into the workplace, and it’s expected to stay that way for a lot of workers. Another Statistics Canada survey, this one from last summer, found that almost a quarter of businesses expected at least 10% of their employees to continue to work remotely post-pandemic.

That same survey revealed that 25% of Canadian businesses were likely or very likely to offer their employees the option to work remotely, and 14% planned to make it a requirement.

Essentially, audio visual technology allows people to interact effectively in virtual environments, involving: messaging and discussion avenues, video and audio conferencing, web cams, knowledge portals, and other internet-connected solutions. Office technology and audio visual technology keeps employees connected, engaged, creative, and productive, regardless of their location.

Audio Visual Technology Takes the Distance Out of Remote

While it’s easier to be connected when everyone is working out of the same space, audio visual collaboration technology can bridge the gap between home and office. Businesses need to help employees engaged, and all-in-one collaboration systems made for meeting rooms of all sizes do just that. Here’s a look at some of those solutions:

  1. The Crestron Flex – BYOD Solution:This is a one-in-all conferencing system that provides built-in AirMedia for wireless presentation, room reservation capability and one-touch join for Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings. It also offers onscreen room availability, meeting information and bluetooth pairing for audio calls, and built-in occupancy sensors for usage data and automation. It supports any web collaboration application such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Slack, BlueJeans and more.
  2. Crestron Flex R-Series Plus Mobile UC System: This rapid deployment collaboration system is equipped with built-in AirMedia wireless presentation, Huddly IQ Camera with 150 degree view of view, 20 ft microphone range with 360 degree quad array, and supports 50” to 60” displays. It supports any web collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Slack, BlueJeans and more.
  3. Microsoft Surface Hub 2s:This touch enabled interactive collaboration whiteboard is a fully integrated Windows 10 device built for teams in the modern workplace. It has 4K resolution PixelSense Display, can natively run Microsoft and third-party apps without having to project and has integrated microphone, speakers and camera.
  4. Yamaha Video Sound Bar: Designed with smaller spaces in mind, the system features USB audio and video support, beam-forming microphone array, four speaker elements, ultra-wide angle camera with 120 degree field of view, remote administration and management, and can connect calls with Bluetooth and NFC. This sound bar is easy to install (requiring only a USB connection), and its hinged mounting allows for easy access to cables.

Working remotely has rapidly become the new normal and all-in-one audio visual collaboration technology provides the road to connectivity, from anywhere. Contact the audio visual technology experts at POI today for assistance in meeting the challenge of staying together while working apart.

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