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YA Canada is a digital promotion and marketing solutions provider based in Chatham, Ontario. After years of strong growth and demand for direct-contact services, its U.S. parent company decided to update and expand the Canadian contact centre. When they moved into their new 8,600 square foot facility, it more than tripled their space and doubled employee count from 80 to 160 people. Such rapid growth placed unique demands on the new contact centre space. It would need to:

  • House state of the art technology
  • Meet the particular process, security, and branding demands of different clients
  • Reflect industry best practices around contact centre productivity, ergonomics, and layout
  • Facilitate collaboration among a much larger group of employees, and
  • Help attract and retain the right team members in a competitive labour market.

Parent company Marketing VP reflects on selecting POI Business Interiors:
“A trusted source introduced us to POI Business Interiors and showed us other work they had done in the area. Then they were very competitive through the proposal process. That combination gives you confidence that you’ve picked the right team to work with.”

“How knowledgeable POI Business Interiors was, not just about furnishings, but about building codes and technical requirements. They never hesitated to engage with the architect, or raise potential issues. They were also very accommodating and responsive as we made changes along the way.”

Senior Director  |  Tina Baeyens


POI Windsor team member Alisha Bober describes the process:
“We started by creating different product applications for the space, determining an overall floor plan. Through the process, we developed a final plan along with aesthetics, finishes, and colours. Working with YA Canada, we created two call centres (one secure, one non-secure), meeting rooms, private offices, training space, lunchroom, study hub, lounge, locker room and reception area. The client chose primarily Steelcase products along with Rise Architectural Wall System, for a high-end look and functionality. We also leveraged Steelcase research into trends in contact centre operations.”


This framework provides a methodology for creating and assessing a workplace designed for an interconnected world.  It recognizes that people need to do both individual “I” work and group “We” work.  And it also breaks the paradigm that all individual spaces should be assigned or “owned” or that all group spaces should be shared.


1.  Provide for visual access
2.  Create flexible spaces
3.  Provide for ergonomics
4.  Plan for appropriate amenities
5.  Create inspiring spaces
6.  Allow for user control
7.  Balance privacy


The result is a modular, modern, open, uplifting new space. A lot of white, with some punches of colour. It is thematically aligned with the company’s Minneapolis headquarters, providing a consistent expression of its brand, while allowing some modification to meet clients’ needs. YA Canada is delighted with the results. Tina’s enthusiasm is contagious:
“You can’t help but smile when you walk in and feel not just good, but great about the space you are working in! We’ve had nothing but compliments from team members and the community. It’s been terrific for culture and morale – a fun environment, where people can be themselves, enjoy the work they do, and make a contribution. We’ve been in a lot of contact centres, and this is truly world class. One visitor, who sees a lot of offices, described it as the best workspace in Chatham-Kent!”

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