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Types of Acrylic


What is the ideal space for an acrylic piece?

Acrylic is a great way to showcase vivid images and bold colour schemes. The translucent nature of acrylic allows natural light to interact with and provide depth to the image. Art on acrylic provides a very clean, contemporary look that presents well in modern spaces.

How are acrylic pieces mounted to the wall?

Acrylic art can be mounted to the wall three ways:

  1. One-inch brushed stainless steel standoffs (“pucks”)
  2. One-inch brushed stainless steel locking standoffs
  3. Cleated with ½” rigid PVC (only available on “sandwich” pieces or pieces with white backing)

What is the most commonly used method to mount acrylic pieces?

Mounting acrylic pieces with one-inch brushed stainless steel standoffs (“pucks”) is the most common way to affix acrylic to a wall. To accomplish this, four (sometimes six depending upon the size of the image) small circular holes are drilled into the corners of the acrylic. The metal standoffs are then placed in the holes and screwed into the wall. Once mounted, the acrylic piece will sit one inch away from the wall.