Say hello to a more collaborative workplace.
Get inspired by 6 new settings, featuring 26 new products, that encourage your team to get together and enjoy getting work done.

Good Morning

Ready to get to work? Sit down, plug in and spread out. Keep what you’re working on close at hand with a large worksurface and plenty of storage space. And, when it’s time to connect with your team, simply slide over and grab a comfortable seat.

Good to See You

Make a great first impression by hosting clients in a comfortable space, designed specifically for casual conversations where work can get done. Hold all-day meetings or quick connections with access to a digital display, mobile power and a place to dine together.

Gather Round

Empower everyone with a seat at the table in this sophisticated yet playful space. Ideal for traditional meetings, presentations and roundtable discussions, pitch concepts and get buy-in as you share and display ideas.

How's It Going?

Assemble the team for an afternoon of inspired brainstorming. This relaxed space is primed for analog ideation, featuring standing-height seating to promote movement – infusing energy into the creative process.

Come on Over

Plan a project or chat about what’s holding things back by putting your ideas on display. Easy access to whiteboards encourage active ideation while staying engaged with the energy of the surrounding office.

Have a Seat

Wow clients with high-end looks and rich materiality in this elevated meeting space. Whether your ideas are best displayed on a screen or a whiteboard, you can easily pitch solutions and work through next steps.

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