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Our partner Steelcase offers essential solutions to meet people’s needs and expectations in a new era of hybrid work.​

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  • Hybrid Collaboration

    The future of the workplace is hybrid and so is the future of collaboration. Sixty-eight percent of global organizations are planning to experiment with hybrid work, allowing employees to work partly in the office and partly at home or a third place to varying degrees.
  • Empowering Teams

    Teams are under pressure to move faster than ever. Little about their work resembles what they did in the past. High-performing teams are constantly collaborating. Yet, most workplaces today are still designed to support a linear process and are planned around square foot per person and don’t consider the needs of teams.
  • Surgically Clean Your Air with Jade 2.0

    Jade 2.0 is a sleek, contemporary, and modern air purification system equipped with next-generation air purification technology. Trust the brand that is embraced & entrusted by Dental Professionals, Pro Sports Teams & Fortune 500 Companies to clean, purify & re-energize their air.
  • Business Furnishings That Guarantee Enhanced Focus and Privacy

    Many people have become accustomed to the quiet and privacy of working at home. As employees return to the hybrid office, companies need to find ways to provide private and focused spaces for their employees.