It’s a brave new world when it comes to the transformative impact audio visual (AV) technology is having on the workplaces of today and tomorrow. Gone is the clunky old hardware of yesterday that once seemed cutting edge, replaced with an ever-evolving suite of resources seamlessly connecting people and spaces.

Audio visual technology is driving a digital transformation that’s making workplaces more flexible, connected, and adaptable, all factors in fostering innovation and collaboration. The benefits of having this technological edge extends to employee engagement, recruitment, and retention. Companies that pay attention to cutting-edge technology tend to attract the best and brightest employees.

Audio Visual Technology Is Changing the Way We Connect and Interact

Audio visual technology has changed the way we communicate and interact, from video conferencing to sharing data. We have the ability to connect anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of one’s home to an office on a different continent. And, as said, it’s changing all the time. Here are some top audio visual trends emerging for 2020:

  • Adaptable and flexible workplaces: Today’s workplaces may look more like an urban coffee shop or cafe than the sterile, buttoned-down offices of yesterday, and there is a reason for that. Employees want a comfortable, collaborative place to work, and smart employers know and react to that. Rather than restricting employees to a desk, expand work areas to lounges, rooms with a view, or outdoor terraces. The right audio visual technology package includes share-screens, the ability to record meetings and store them on the cloud, and group chats, all of which enhances productivity and efficiency. In particular, today’s employees need to have the ability to connect anywhere at any time.
  • Huddle rooms: Space not being used, like traditional conference rooms, can be converted into huddle rooms, offering employees the ability to interact quickly and easily. Equip these rooms with audio visual technology that connects employees with peers and colleagues in other locations. With the right technology, huddle rooms are perfect for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, webinars and other functions. They are also more cost-effective than larger conference rooms.
  • Technology from above: Integrating technology into office ceilings resolves the issues of noise quality that can be found in traditional boardrooms. It’s also a more aesthetically pleasing solution, leaving table space uncluttered by devices and wiring. Meeting participants can engage with each other without having to access a microphone in front of them.

POI Offers Audio Visual Technology Solutions to Meet the Needs of Companies

Solutions offered by POI that respond to the agile and collaborative needs of tech companies include:

  1. Adaptability and On-the-Fly Reconfiguration

Designed for high-performing, hyper-collaborative teams, Steelcase Flex gives teams the flexibility and control to adapt their space on demand to meet their rapidly changing activities. Designed with interconnectivity and clever details, the entire collection works together allowing teams to reconfigure their space in a matter of minutes.

  1. Mobility and Flexibility

Steelcase Roam is a series of mobile stands and wall mounts, created for Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S. Its sleek, approachable design and total flexibility empower teamwork to happen wherever ideas strike: anytime, anywhere, any way.

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power allows users to charge laptops or other personal devices anywhere, so they never have to worry about where and how they will stay powered up. The first of its kind, this high-capacity mobile power solution allows workplaces to become more fluid and for teams to work wherever they need to.

  1. Productivity

RoomWizard is a scheduling system that manages open and closed collaborative spaces far more effectively than first-come-first-serve. Users can easily book rooms, adjust the room reservation or grab an open room for an impromptu meeting.

  1. Collaboration/Information Sharing

media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration and productivity. Users can share content wirelessly through media:scape Virtual Puck or engage in a team brainstorm over video conferencing.

  1. Workplace Optimization and Analytics

Steelcase Workplace Advisor empowers organizations to measure the effectiveness of the workplace, and improve it based on easy-to-understand, actionable data accessible through an online dashboard.

  1. Privacy + Transparency

Casper Cloaking Technology gives people both transparency and confidentiality simultaneously. Using architectural film for glass walls around a room, people that walk by the room will only see participants inside. They will not be able to see content displayed on any LED or LCD screen.

Interested in learning more about what audio visual technology solutions your company can implement? Contact us today for more information.