Your Space is Our Business

Your Space is Our Business

Your business begins with people and giving them the right tools is critical to your success. As workplace experts, we understand how having the right space and solutions can ignite creativity and passion – and that means empowering people to think differently and achieve more.

Your workplace needs to support your people and align to the flow of your business. Whether you’re refreshing your space or starting from scratch, POI has the expertise, partnerships, and resources to get you on the right track. As the largest interior solutions and services provider in Canada, you can harness the power of POI. From planning your space to occupancy and beyond, let our suite of connected solutions be your workplace mainstay.

Are We There Yet?

With phased openings and the office being set back in motion we’re asking the question: ‘Are we there yet?’ Like young children on their way to a destination, we are exploring how the office is evolving and why it remains a necessary hub that supports culture, collaboration and innovation during these ever shifting times.

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What's New

What’s New Winter 2021

New Products for a Better Work Experience. Expectations have changed. New solutions give people better ways to focus, collaborate and connect.

Your Health Is Our Top Priority

Surgically clean your air with Jade, the latest offering from POI. Trust the brand that is embraced & entrusted by Dental Professionals, Pro Sports Teams & Fortune 500 Companies to clean, purify & re-energize their air. Learn More.

Are We There Yet? - Webinar

The evolution of the workspace needs to foster culture and innovation. So how do we inspire people, promote creativity, and renew their sense of purpose as they return to the office? With the uncertain time horizon shifting from where it was to what it is becoming, merging the digital with the physical to drive performance anywhere work happens requires well thought out strategies. Watch this Webinar to explore what work will look like now and how we can optimize collaboration.

PDC: Our Hub of Operations

Featuring a 120, 000 square foot state of the art warehouse, our PDC is where the rubber hits the road literally. It’s the hub of our Operations, where orders are picked and packed, where teams of uniformed installers and our fleet of vehicles depart to meet and fulfill customer orders. It’s also where we store customer inventory using scanning technology to help them manage the ebb and flow of their furniture assets. Find out more.

Home Is Where the Office Is: Alley Row Design Interview with POI

Rochelle Straker is the ‘Ro’ in Alley Row Designs. With the Home Office continuing to occupy mind space, Rochelle speaks to Anne Gowan and Julie Hicks from POI to answer some of those burning questions about the future of work and the Home Office. Watch the 3-Part Interview now!

Conestoga College

Conestoga College set out with a plan to construct an International Students’ Campus and chose Kitchener’s Market Square to do so. The College engaged POI as educational environment experts to provide both insights as well as curated, durable furnishing solutions. The Campus would be an exciting, edgy, and exhilarating environment that would stimulate student engagement, collaboration and learning in a non-traditional setting.

POI COVID Asset Management Services

If you’ve decided to temporarily remove and store some of your furniture assets to support physical distancing, ask us about our Asset Management capabilities. With a 120, 000 square foot state of the art warehouse and scanning technology, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investments are secure and seamlessly available when you’re ready for more office capacity. Discover the POI difference.

Support and Comfort at Home

With new restrictions and recommendations around safety during this time, remote work is quickly becoming the best way to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Remote work also means that you will need to motivate yourself to be more productive in your home office setting and staying comfortable and supported begins with having the right office chair.

POI Supports Essential Healthcare Workers, Donates 5000 Face Shields

Canada’s largest workplace interior solutions provider, acquired 5000 face shields and is donating and distributing them to healthcare facilities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, to support essential workers across the province.

Navigating the post COVID office

How should we design the post-COVID workplace? A new guide from Steelcase begins a series on what's ahead as organizations plan to bring people back to work safely.