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​From basic bays to team borders, WorkValet™ lockers provide a safe, convenient place to store belongings in the workplace.​

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  • Revolutionize Your Workspace with Orangebox: The Versatile and Private Solution for Offices and Schools

    Have you noticed how expectations for a room have evolved? Everyone, in one way or another, is looking for the perfect combination of a private space with a twist of collaborative opportunity. With the need for these types of spaces on the rise, Orangebox responds with its series of modular, reconfigurable, and phone booth like…
  • Employee Engagement is Essential to Company Success Under a Hybrid Work Model

    Hybrid work has created both opportunities and challenges for organizations looking to compete in the post pandemic era. Audio visual technology has enabled workers to do their jobs anywhere and anytime, and companies are advocating flexibility, which looks like a combination of in-office and remote work. Applying the hybrid work model often comes down to…
  • How to Bring Your Employees Back from the Brink of Quiet Quitting

    Workplace culture is not what it used to be. During the pandemic, people experienced greater work-life balance while working remotely. Now, as companies decide between returning to the office or implementing a hybrid work model, workers are re-evaluating the role of the workplace. The workplace itself has been challenged. It can no longer be a…
  • The POI Brand Evolution

    The POI Brand Evolution 64 Years in The Making  inspired work. inspired life.™  For the last 64 years, we’ve grown with and anticipated the needs and direction of this industry. We’ve seen its highs and lows and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that the landscape has changed and will continue to do so. Based on…
  • Hybrid Collaboration

    The future of the workplace is hybrid and so is the future of collaboration. Sixty-eight percent of global organizations are planning to experiment with hybrid work, allowing employees to work partly in the office and partly at home or a third place to varying degrees.