Your Space is Our Business

Your Space is Our Business

Your business begins with people and giving them the right tools is critical to your success. As workplace experts, we understand how having the right space and solutions can ignite creativity and passion – and that means empowering people to think differently and achieve more.

Your workplace needs to support your people and align to the flow of your business. Whether you’re refreshing your space or starting from scratch, POI has the expertise, partnerships, and resources to get you on the right track. As the largest interior solutions and services provider in Canada, you can harness the power of POI. From planning your space to occupancy and beyond, let our suite of connected solutions be your workplace mainstay.

What's New

Whats New Section – COVID ASSET
POI COVID Asset Management Services

If you’ve decided to temporarily remove and store some of your furniture assets to support physical distancing, ask us about our Asset Management capabilities. With a 120, 000 square foot state of the art warehouse and scanning technology, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investments are secure and seamlessly available when you’re ready for more office capacity. Discover the POI difference.

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Support and Comfort at Home

With new restrictions and recommendations around safety during this time, remote work is quickly becoming the best way to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Remote work also means that you will need to motivate yourself to be more productive in your home office setting and staying comfortable and supported begins with having the right office chair.

Home Office Furniture
Tips To Set Your Home Office for Success

If home truly is where the heart resides, for many Canadians, the COVID-19 outbreak is increasingly where the office also exists. Even when the crisis subsides, a great many employees working from home will continue to do so as businesses restructure the way they operate.

Collaborative Office Solutions
Collaborative Office Solutions For The Next Normal Workplace

Spring is upon us, and with it thoughts naturally turn to renewal and regeneration. It’s a time of hope and cheerfulness, and although Canadians continue to cope with the realities of the COVID-19 outbreak, employers and employees are anticipating a gradual return to work and reboot of the economy. Collaborative office solutions can assist in this endeavour.

Modern Office Furniture
The Art of Modern Office Furniture in the Age of Physical Distancing

Recent trends and developments in modern office furniture have seen workplaces move towards open and shared environments that encourage creativity and collaboration. With the challenges presented by COVID-19, office managers and planners must now pull back on that approach, reconfiguring workplaces to keep people safe while also maintaining productivity standards.

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POI Supports Essential Healthcare Workers, Donates 5000 Face Shields

Canada’s largest workplace interior solutions provider, acquired 5000 face shields and is donating and distributing them to healthcare facilities, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, to support essential workers across the province.

Returning to the Office​
Navigating the post COVID office

How should we design the post-COVID workplace? A new guide from Steelcase begins a series on what’s ahead as organizations plan to bring people back to work safely.

Collaborative Office Solutions for Remote Workers

Whether temporary due to extraordinary circumstances like the current coronavirus pandemic or part of a regular routine, employees working from home can benefit from collaborative office solutions to make the remote experience productive, efficient, and rewarding.

Global Screen
Essential Rapid Response Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for effective preparedness and facility readiness. POI is making use of our broad supplier networks and supply chain effectiveness in order to curate quality product solutions to meet the immediate and future needs of the healthcare market. Our Rapid Response solutions support Emergency Triage, Field and Offsite Hospitals, Long Term Care as well as general Corporate wellness.

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Responsive Deep Cleaning Service

Restore office health with our responsive Deep Cleaning Service. Eliminate contagion, lessen disruption and gain peace of mind while safeguarding your space and the safety of your employees. Trained and equipped to handle jobs of every profile, our trained professionals abide by strict precautionary protocols in order to carry out meticulous cleaning procedures. Future-proof your space today!

Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights the Quality of Business Furnishings Required For Your Office

These are unprecedented times as we all try to navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic that is causing upheaval in businesses, homes, schools, and agencies across the globe. Extraordinary measures are in place to control the spread of the virus, including self-isolation, social distancing and cleaning measures like frequent hand washing.