Leddy Library Collaboratory, University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor

POI worked with Di Maio Design Associates Architect Inc. to develop a unique, functional and collaborative area for U of W as part of a broader plan to create different neighbourhoods where students could meet, interact, hangout and present. The Collaboratory at Leddy Library was created as a destination space and meeting hub for students on campus. In designing the space, POI and the architect, with direction from U of W, decided to implement an indigenous theme and committed to making it a welcoming zone for all students.

The Collaboratory enables students to share knowledge interactively using glass walls, floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and projection. It also features a digital wall to support presentations to peers and professors as well as to small visiting groups.

In selecting furniture, Steelcase Circa was used to complement the bulkhead with its indigenous theme while Campfire product highlighted the coming together and sharing intent. Steelcase Post and Beam created a space within a space with mobile hanging white boards again punctuating the interactive feel.

Part lounge, part meeting area, the Collaboratory is viewed as an impressive and uniquely open area within the university environment.


Project Scope
Up to 40 People

Completion Date
October 2019

POI Services

Di Maio Design Associates Architect Inc.

Steelcase – Circa, Shortcut, Campfire Ottomans, Post and Beam, Groupwork tables, Campfire Slim tables, I2I Lounge chairs, Flow Polyvision Whiteboards

Coalesse – Potrero, Joel, Lox, Enea

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