Trouble focusing, lack of engagement, increased pessimism towards work, feelings of loneliness, and isolation; all these symptoms have one thing in common, they’re likely caused by burnout. In fact, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home according to a recent survey by online employment platform, Monster.

Have no fear, though, because strategies such as setting the proper work-life boundaries and procuring the best home office furniture for your space can help reduce the symptoms caused by burnout.

What Does Burnout Look Like?

For the very first time, the World Health Organization included burnout in its 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases taking effect in January 2022. They’ve classified burnout as symptoms “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Some of these symptoms can be physical in nature such as constant headaches, body pains, or stomach and bowel issues, or they can manifest mentally in symptoms such as excessive stress, fatigue, trouble sleeping, or irritability. Evidence found in the General Social Survey of 2016 shows that approximately 50% of people say they are often or always exhausted due to work, and that number has likely increased since the onset of the pandemic.

Remote workers appear to be uniquely susceptible to burnout symptoms due to the nature of their work environment. Factors such as unpredictable or monotonous work, the “always on” mindset, and feelings of isolation and loneliness can contribute to burnout and negatively impact overall well-being. Moreover, employees that work remotely due to COVID-19 have reported working three extra hours per day. That translates to roughly 15 hours a week, which is the equivalent of working an additional part-time job.

How to Use Creative Home Office Furniture Solutions to Help Combat Burnout

There are a few solutions that remote workers can use to ward off the symptoms of burnout.

  1. Allocate a Designated Workspace

One of the most successful tactics is allocating a spot in your home that is used specifically for work (and nothing else, if possible). If you are fortunate enough to have a home office, this space should be equipped with high-quality home office furniture that encourages productivity. The link between   is undeniable, which means that having home office furniture that is designed to promote focus and engagement is especially important. Some options such as the Series 2 chair, the ACTIV Pro 3 stage desk, and the Campfire Footrest are great places to start. Comfort is key.

  1. Reduce Noise and Distractions

Another way employees working from home can avoid getting burnt out is by reducing distractions and blocking out background noise. Having a clean and clear workspace that eliminates ‘visual noise’ will make it much easier to stay focused on the task at hand. Consider adding different storage options to eliminate clutter and maximize space. Solutions such as using noise-canceling headphones or shutting a door are also helpful in decreasing the number of times you stray from your current work activity. Because sometimes we can’t help but look up whenever someone walks by our workspace.

  1. Set an Official Work Schedule – And Stick to It

It is extremely challenging for remote employees to separate themselves from their work at the beginning or the end of the day. A third strategy for lessening the effects of burnout is to implement regular office hours at home and leave the ‘office’ when the workday is over. This could mean setting up an out-of-office email response to turn on for any time outside of the allotted workday or turning off email notifications so that there is no temptation to check in on work-related communications.

POI Offers Home Office Furniture Solutions

Identifying the symptoms and causes of burnout and finding strategies that work to combat it is an on-going process. The most successful organizations are those that can support the needs for both entire teams, as well as unique individuals. For more information and to learn which home office furniture solution will best fit your needs, contact the experts at POI.