Hybrid work environments are here to stay. This new way of working sees teams split between in-office and remote work. As office doors reopen, organizations are looking for ways to incorporate modern office furniture that enables collaboration amongst employees in both locations. Alternatives such as dividers and work tents, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed furniture, and adaptable workspaces will be key in supporting employees going forward.

Extra Attention to Office Design Can Improve Collaboration and Productivity

In a report on digital workplace strategies from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, almost 60% of people surveyed say that additional attention given to their digital workplace has allowed them to become more agile. Moreover, close to 80% of those polled say digital workplaces are now essential to building data-driven businesses and that means tech collaboration tools are an important consideration.

Even organizations such as Steelcase have found that building cohesive ecosystems and environments improved the ability to collaborate and get work done. By integrating the best modern office furniture suitable for the space, companies can enable cross-platform, multi-location collaboration amongst people within the office space and those outside it.

Top Modern Office Furniture Solutions from POI

The experts at POI have a great deal of easily customizable modern office furniture solutions ready to be implemented in offices. Creating a sense of safety, comfort, and flexibility in the workplace reduces employee insecurities and replaces them with reassurance and enhanced productivity. Some of the best options can be broken down into categories depending on the organization’s needs:

Social Distancing and Safety

  • Boundary Tent – This lightweight and versatile screen can create division where privacy and space are required. Its freestanding nature is great for shared, ancillary spaces where less opportunity for shielding exists.
  • Steelcase Flex Collection – Designed to be rearranged on demand, the Steelcase Flex Collection is an excellent choice for organizations looking for spontaneous and adaptable environments. Easily make the shift from a brainstorming session to a group workshop or even individual workspaces.
  • Turnstone Pivot Screen – Half privacy partition, half whiteboard, this screen is multi-purpose and offers employees a more dynamic workflow. Move between teamwork and private time with safety and ease.
  • IRYS Pod – The need for versatile office space is made easy with the IRYS Pod, which creates a place for both small-group and individual work, wherever private space is at a premium.

Ease and Comfort

  • Bivi Height-Adjustable Desk – This height-adjustable desk offers additional posture options to enable employees to sit less and stand more. With its 4 digital pre-sets and outlets, USB and Qi wireless charging options, the Bivi Height-Adjustable Desk makes efficiency and productivity a priority.
  • Massaud Seating – Some employees do their best thinking when given the space to relax and reflect. Seating that is designed for comfort and connection such as the Massaud Seating Collection allows for just that; a convenient escape.
  • Sylvi Lounge System – The Sylvi Lounge System, with its wide range of options and its angular style, provides the privacy, postural support, and connection that is key to successful collaboration.
  • Media:scape – Collaboration solutions take multiple forms; not just furniture, but also easy-to-use audiovisual technologies. Media:scape by Steelcase provides an unparalleled user experience that connects employees through seamless and wireless integration.

Mobility and Flexibility

  • Steelcase Flex Mobile Power – Now more than ever, employees need smart mobile power solutions that enable them to take their work anywhere. This powerful, beautiful, and portable power source is a great choice for fluid and adaptable collaboration.
  • EMU Terramare Seating – Outdoor spaces are equally important when it comes to teamwork. The essential lines and organic shapes used in the design of the EMU Terramare Series make it effortless and exciting for teams to take their work to a new location.
  • Exponents Carts and Moby – Mobile and versatile storage solutions are perfect for conference rooms and open spaces alike. The Exponents Carts and Moby by Coalesse are tailor-made to suit the needs of both teams and individuals.
  • Away from the Desk – Not all the best work is done while sitting at a desk or in the conference room. In a rapidly changing workplace, options such as the Away from the Desk series by Orangebox are the go-to for personal work and collaborative teamwork.

POI Has The Modern Office Furniture You Need

With the help of the experts at POI, employers can design spaces that encourage collaboration through the use of modern office furniture. The best creative and functional office solutions are just within reach.