As one of the largest manufacturers of office seating in the world, Steelcase offers high-quality office furniture that is designed with people in mind. One of the most important pieces of office furniture is an ergonomically designed chair as it prevents health concerns such as fatigue, bad posture, and back pain. With a variety of options that prioritize comfort and performance, all while being aesthetically pleasing, Steelcase is sure to have the best office chair to fit your individual needs.

Why Choose a Chair from Steelcase?

Leading the way in innovation, business, health, and education, Steelcase has been setting the standard for high-performing office spaces for ​​over 100 years. In addition to offering some of the best office chairs on the market today, Steelcase also conducts industry research that informs the design of the brand’s various products and space solutions.

With plenty of features to consider, let’s take a look at some of the best office chairs from Steelcase, and what makes the high-end options better than the rest.

5 of the Best Office Chairs That Steelcase Has to Offer

  1. The Most Adjustable: When it comes to ergonomics, one of the most important features to have is adjustability. Having an office chair that fits your particular body and posture can help relieve tension and reduce the physical effects of burnout. The Gesture chair is Steelcase’s first chair to offer a ​​cantilever armrest design that moves with you, easily adjusting to any arm position for persistent support.

The Gesture chair also features a wide range of other seat customizations such as a height-adjustable lumbar and a seat slider function to give you the ultimate personalized experience.

  1. The Most Comfortable: A comfortable office chair can reduce distractions and increase productivity, whether you are working from home or in the office. The Leap V2 chair is Steelcase’s best-selling, ergonomic office chair and is an excellent option for those who prefer a more pronounced contour in a seat and backrest. It is also equipped with Steelcase’s classic 4-way adjustable arms and the option of a version with or without a headrest. Additionally, the adjustable seat depth and LiveBack technology allow you to change the shape of your chair to mimic the movement of the spine.
  2. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing: On top of comfort and adjustability, aesthetics can also be an important consideration when choosing the best office chair for your needs. Steelcase’s Karman chair features a unique patented hybrid seat that provides incredible strength and maximum comfort and comes in a wider range of stylish colours. From monochromatic modern to residential luxury, you are bound to find an option that fits your taste amongst the 13 Intermix colours and Lux finishes.
  3. The Most Affordable: While investing in high-end office furniture is ultimately an investment in better health and well-being, the price-point can sometimes be intimidating. An office chair such as the Series 1 from Steelcase is a great entry point into better quality office furniture solutions. Fully equipped with integrated LiveBack technology and soft curved arm caps provide users with comfort and support at a more accessible price. The Series 1 chair is also offered in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and finishes to better represent your company’s brand.
  4. The Most Intuitive: For a choice that is more intuitive and requires little effort to customize your experience, opt for Steelcase’s SILQ Its breakthrough design conforms to the body with only one manual adjustment necessary: seat height. Everything else responds to your movements. Through exploration in material science and the development of carbon-fiber-like technology, Steelcase has managed to deliver on its promise of a naturally smart office chair.

Finding the Best Office Chair for You

There are countless options when it comes to finding the best office chair. To get more information on the features of these five Steelcase chairs, along with other office furniture solutions, contact the experts at POI today.