Connected environments’ expert partners with Steelcase and Microsoft Canada to showcase new solutions to support Agile and Hyper-Collaborative teamwork

Kitchener, October 7, 2019 – POI Business Interiors, Canada’s largest workplace interior solutions provider, officially launched its new Kitchener office space in conjunction with partners, Steelcase and Microsoft.

The new POI showroom is uniquely adapted to the needs of the Kitchener-Waterloo technology hub, which is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in Canada. The launch celebration featured partner Steelcase expounding insights that are driving new behaviours in the workplace while showing how hyper collaboration and teamwork are rebooting office dynamics. Microsoft Canada punctuated the point by demonstrating how digital transformation and change are necessitating feature-rich multi-channel tools like their Teams platform.

The POI showroom features the newly announced Surface Hub2S and its mobile Roam cart as well the new Steelcase Flex Collection, which provides teams with an ability to hack their space while ensuring they have the right tools and workspace flexibility to seamlessly adapt to their evolving requirements.

“POI’s new space in Kitchener/Waterloo provides great examples of how leading organizations can get work done,” said Ben Avery, Vice President, Regional Sales for Steelcase in Eastern Canada. “The showroom demonstrates space and technology coming together in ways that help people and teams reach their potential.”

POI previously operated out of its north Waterloo location and opted to move to the new downtown premises in order to provide greater access and convenience to its clients. The new showroom also offers cutting edge construction solutions, ancillary and traditional workplace solutions, and AV technology products which help companies optimize competitiveness and productivity.

As the sole Steelcase provider in the region, POI leverages industry leading research and insights when assisting companies to develop workplace applications that positively impact business issues like collaboration, well-being, and privacy. These applications include mediascape tables with plug and play screen sharing capabilities and room reservation systems. Also featured are architectural solutions like Casper which considers confidentiality by masking visibility to technology through glass meeting room walls.

“Technology continues to drive employment and opportunity in this region, and POI has proven performance boosting solutions that reflect the innovation and match the expectations of high-performance businesses,” says POI Chairman & CEO Gary Scholl, whose father founded the company.