A large organization may have assets spread across different regions and time zones, perhaps even across different continents. Imagine how difficult it must be to accurately gauge how effectively space is being used.

Now, imagine having advice from workplace consulting experts on how to deploy resources like Workplace Advisor, a tool that compiles data from all that office space, making it available immediately. This, and other analytic resources, can reduce workplace inefficiencies dramatically.

Office technology should accomplish the following for your business:

  • Collect anonymous workplace data for real-time, 24/7 reporting.
  • Identify space utilization by time, day, and number of events.
  • Collect and analyze information, providing organizations with meaningful insights about how employees work, and how the workplace can help in that endeavor.

Data Gives Companies the Ability to Make Choices Based on Accurate Analysis

Data has the ability to deliver solutions based an accurate analysis of problems and opportunities. We all know that, but it’s no secret that many organizations, large and small, don’t know how to make effective use of that data, and that’s where solutions like workplace consulting can help. Experts exist for a reason: they are there to do a job that needs to be done, but might be beyond the abilities of an existing workforce.

Steelcase’s Workplace Advisor is a sensor-based system that functions as follows:

  • Sensors are strategically placed around the workplace and track how space is being used.
  • Through wireless gateways, data is sent securely to the cloud.
  • The Microsoft Azure powered cloud stores information.
  • An intelligent dashboard is created applying meaning to the data.
  • The system analyzes how, when and why people use the space, providing results that allow for the creation of the best workplace to support people in their work.

Workplace Advisor also includes the following resources that help employees locate available meeting rooms:

  • Steelcase Find: With the Find app, users get quick access to the best workspaces across their organization, so they can spend less time searching and more time collaborating.
  • Steelcase Live Map: Easily visible in convenient locations in the workplace, Live Map’s user-friendly display pulls scheduling data from Microsoft Office 365 and occupancy data from Steelcase Workplace Advisor sensors to reveal the real-time availability of rooms, desks and workspaces.

Workplace Consulting Experts Can Make the Data Work for You

Resources such as Workplace Advisor can help optimize office usage and guide companies looking to refresh their space. The advisor’s actionable dashboard, for instance, provides these benefits:

  • Data collected shows companies how their spaces are being used over time.
  • Companies gain insight into real estate and application effectiveness.
  • Raw data is transformed into easy-to-understand actionable information.
  • The data helps decision-makers create the best workplaces to support their work and their people.

What can you do with all that data? Employers can use it to optimize the use of meeting rooms to deal with high- and low-traffic times, see which areas are being well used and which aren’t, all of which allows a company to shift layout to obtain greater productivity, if needed.

Other solutions like Room Wizard allow companies to monitor the usage of office space in real time, permitting them to adjust their plans and protocols accordingly. It’s a web-based room scheduling system that connects employees to meeting rooms, utilizing an interactive touch screen display that gives real-time meeting information, right outside the room.

Make sure you are receiving the full benefits of office technology by using the skills and talents available through workplace consulting professionals. POI has a team of workplace consulting experts waiting to work for you. Contact us today, and let the data flow.