Bridging the Generational Gap in the Office Through Office Interior Design

The modern workplace is a diverse melting pot of generations, each with its own unique perspectives, preferences, and priorities. As…

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Modern Office Furniture Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Waterfalls, plants and trees. What does that remind you of? If you said some type of forest haven, well that’s…

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How Facility Management Services Can Protect a Company’s Assets

Facility management services is a fairly broad term, encompassing a range of disciplines, but essentially it’s about maintaining your facility…

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Ensure Classroom Furniture Supports an Active Learning Environment

Take a look around the classroom. Do the students look engaged, or do they appear to be in a more…

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Audio Visual Technology Trends and Solutions in 2020

It’s a brave new world when it comes to the transformative impact audio visual (AV) technology is having on the…

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Office Furniture For Your Forward Thinking Company

When it comes to office furniture, does the one-style-fits-all-needs approach make sense, or should you be looking for something more…

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workplace consulting for tomorrow’s workspace

Invest in Workplace Consulting to Create the Workspace of Tomorrow

In business as in life, change is a constant that must be factored into decisions, particularly those impacting the future,…

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using workplace advisor to reduce inefficiencies

Workplace Consulting: Using Analytics to Reduce Inefficiencies

A large organization may have assets spread across different regions and time zones, perhaps even across different continents. Imagine how…

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New POI KW Office Highlights Intersection of Space and Technology

Connected environments’ expert partners with Steelcase and Microsoft Canada to showcase new solutions to support Agile and Hyper-Collaborative teamwork Kitchener,…

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Q&A: Andrew Mullings talks about the tech-forward workplace

In the Summer 2019 issue of London Inc. Magazine, Tech Alliance asked Andrew Mullings, Account Executive at POI Business Interiors, for a quote…

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