Now, more than ever, people are getting up in the morning to get ready for work, only instead of heading out the door, they’re settling into their home office space and connecting with the team remotely. Quality home office furniture can make that new reality comfortable, efficient, and effective.

Sitting behind a desk can put a tax on the body and mind, especially if the home office furniture isn’t suited for the job. When thinking of quality furniture, start with one term: ergonomic.

The phrase, of course, refers to the goal of fitting a workspace to an employee’s needs, rather than the other way around. It’s about the chair you sit in, the desk you sit or stand behind, and even the angle of your computer screen. An ergonomically designed workstation will mitigate wellbeing concerns like back and neck pain, and eye and wrist strain.

Ergonomics also takes into account an employee’s need to move about, from sitting to standing, for example. Let’s take a look at the health benefits derived from an ergonomic workstation:

  • As mentioned, back and neck pain is a symptom of sitting in a rigid chair, perhaps while hunched over a desk peering at a computer screen. An ergonomically designed workstation will minimize those conditions by improving posture.
  • It’s tempting to eat at one’s desk, and that habit comes with its own pitfalls. Research has shown that employees who eat while sitting at their desks risk having their blood sugar levels spike. Ergonomic desks have been shown to minimize those spikes. Other benefits include better digestion.
  • Another study found that employees who stood 50% of the time while working, saw their risk of heart disease cut dramatically. A height-adjustable desk would fit the bill here.
  • Moving helps reduce pressure on the spine, sends oxygen to your muscles, and increases blood flow to your brain. Your desk chair should support your body as you move.

Ergonomically Designed Home Office Furniture Improves Productivity

Ergonomically designed workstations benefit both employee and employer by having a positive impact on engagement, creativity, productivity, and overall wellbeing and satisfaction levels. A healthy body and healthy mind makes for a happier employee, and a happier employee is a more productive and engaged employee.

Now, let’s take a look at some tips to get into the ergonomic zone:

  • Get a chair with all the ergonomic features, such as lumbar support, sliding seat and swivel tilt, a moving chair set on casters, adjustable arm supports, and ability to adjust height.
  • A height-adjustable desk allows you to sit or stand while working, providing numerous health benefits described above.
  • Ensure there’s proper distancing from your computer monitor and laptop, to avoid eye strain.
  • Set your monitor at or slightly below eye-level to avoid back and neck pain. Steelcase Active Lift Riser can be placed on any worksurface, and adjusted to whichever height you’d want.
  • Don’t forget about the lighting in the home office. Make sure it is adequately bright, and there is no glare from the window that will cause you to squint.
  • Take breaks away from the screen every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, while looking at something 20 ft away.

Working from home has become much more common in the COVID-19 age, and chances are this trend won’t let up anytime some. Contact the experts at POI today to find the right home office furniture for your needs.