Standing desks only started gaining traction a few years ago, but since then the benefits of having an adaptable workspace have only become more evident. Benefits such as reduced physical pain and less sitting are directly linked to an employee’s ability to both sit and stand while at work. In fact, studies show that the use of height-adjustable office desks is linked to increased productivity, better concentration, and improved overall health. That is why standing desks are popping up in offices all over Toronto. Haven’t got a standing desk in your office? Here’s what to look out for when searching for office desks in Toronto that are suitable for your needs.

What to Look for in an Office Desk in Toronto

  • A Wide Range of Personalization Controls: One of the most important features of a standing office desk is diverse posture customizations. As preferences such as height and speed can vary from person to person, desks that offer programmability and user presets are helpful for shared spaces where more than one person has access.
  • Power Capabilities/Cord Management: Having convenient power within arm’s reach in a way that reduces clutter is great for safety, as well as productivity. Find a height-adjustable desk that requires minimal cords or set-up but also offers multiple easy-access outlets for personal devices.
  • Good Stability: Nothing is worse than sitting at an office desk that is wobbly and not properly balanced. By choosing a height-adjustable desk with good stability, you are reducing distractions to help you remain on the task at hand. The desk should also be stable at all postures, even when standing.
  • Large Worksurface Size and Weight Capacity: For some, the ability to spread out on a work surface is crucial to productivity. It is important to find a height-adjustable office desk that can support all your items even when transitioning between sitting and standing, as it can directly impact the lifetime of the product. Also consider if you require a full-sized desk or just a desktop solution that allows for different postures on a regular worksurface.

Try One of These Height-Adjustable Office Desks for Your Toronto Company

  • Steelcase Flex Height-Adjustable Desk: Offering increased mobility and technology integration, the Flex Height-Adjustable Desk is everything that Toronto offices need in an office desk. Create a collaborative team atmosphere by pushing the desks together or pull them apart for a quieter workspace. The Flex Desk is also equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled Active Touch controller and Rise mobile app capabilities to easily sync with personalized profile presets.
  • ACTIV Pro 3 Desk – As one of the more economical options, the ACTIV Pro 3 is the perfect entry point into standing desks. Durable and built to last, it comes in a variety of finishes and utilizes a push-button handset with 4 different height presets which makes it easy to adjust your posture throughout the workday.
  • Ology Height Adjustable Desk – For those who need regular reminders to change postures, the Ology Height Adjustable Desk is an excellent solution. This desk is designed with Active Motion to remind you to move, and the same Bluetooth-enabled Active Touch controller and the ability to pair to the Rise mobile app as the Flex Desk. Create your own personal profile in the app that adjusts the desk to correspond with preferred heights and intervals of sitting and standing.
  • Migration by Steelcase: Providing users with all the essentials, improved performance, value, and wellbeing, the Migration desk by Steelcase is the perfect height-adjustable office desk for employees who are returning to hybrid workplaces in Toronto. With the addition of the Answer Fence, users can have as much or as little privacy as they need in a more open-plan workspace.
  • Steelcase Active Lift Riser: The Active Lift Riser is a great addition to any remote workspace, as it allows for sit-standing capabilities where a standing desk may have too large of a footprint. Transform the dinner table into a more productive work desk with this desktop solution and drastically improve posture and overall wellbeing.

It is important for people to be able to move throughout the day for many reasons. Standing desks bring that movement to the workplace and contribute to the betterment of employees’ overall health and wellbeing. For more options or other information on height-adjustable office desks in Toronto, contact the experts at POI today.