At POI, one of our main objectives is to connect people to places. We strive to offer forward-thinking and intuitive product and service solutions that empower businesses and their people to succeed.

That’s why we’re introducing two new unique opportunities for your business to realize the potential of the future of work through creating a hybrid workplace:


Our WorkBetterLab has been specially designed to provide a glimpse into a kind of workplace that fosters new ideas, inclusion, a sense of belonging, and community. Considering how much the way we work has changed recently, businesses and their employees are now looking for a fundamentally different experience at work.

There is an elevated desire for hybrid work, which has challenged companies to reconsider their overall structures and visions, satisfy changing expectations, and inspire workers in a constantly evolving ecosystem.

The WorkBetterLab offers an opportunity for companies to get a first-hand experience of how hybrid workplaces can become a reality, by offering new concepts and innovative workspace solutions. A limited downtown experience, the WorkBetterLab is located at 150 King St. East in Toronto and runs until the end of April 2022.

Contact the experts at POI today to book your appointment at the WorkBetterLab.


POI is proud to introduce our new headquarters: LivingLab. An organic living and breathing showcase of the spirit of POI, LivingLab is a multi-modal space that has actualized all of the elements that motivate employees to return to the office.

Fusing together work, culture, technology, and well-being into a flagship property, LivingLab was initially developed by testing, developing, and activating the way people work. Now, we’re proud to offer a space that has realized ideas and concepts into a real-world office setting where things actually happen. It’s an evolved working ecosystem that exemplifies the best of hybrid workplaces.

To learn more about our LivingLab and to book your visit to our hybrid workplace, please contact the experts at POI.