The way people work has completely transformed in the last few years. When considering a new job, many individuals are now prioritizing the types of office spaces and work arrangements a potential employer can offer them. This shift has forced many Toronto organizations to rethink their existing real estate in order to accommodate the dynamic demands of the hybrid workplace.

There are many creative and unique ways to offer employees the benefits of a hybrid workplace, including incorporating flexible office desk layouts that allow workers to collaborate as well as providing privacy spaces.

What Does a Hybrid Workplace Look Like?

POI can help Toronto businesses transition into the hybrid era by offering adaptable office desk layout solutions that allow employees to not only comfortably connect and collaborate, but also find focus and concentration to support and optimize employee productivity:

The Flexible Workstation
One of the main benefits of a hybrid workplace is flexibility. Employees need to be able to collaborate as well as have choice and control over their surroundings. This is exactly what the Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces series offers. A modern approach to the hybrid workstation, the Flex series gives workers a heightened level of privacy, control, and comfort in an open workplan.

The two main elements of this collection are desks and privacy wraps, both of which allow for many different workstation configurations to accommodate both team collaboration and individual work. The bottom line: while quick and easy to reconfigure, the Flex office furniture collection provides an extremely comfortable place to work.

The Team Bench
This setup features the Migration SE Bench by Steelcase, specially designed seating that allows workers to choose between seated or standing postures throughout the day. With well-being top of mind when it comes to hybrid workspaces, the Migration SE Bench allows users to seamlessly change between sitting and standing with the simple touch of a button. By adjusting the heights of their desks, employees can also choose to either work together on a project or separate and focus on individual tasks.

The Panel-Based Workstation
Another important feature of a hybrid workspace is balance. This can be achieved with the help of the Answer Panel System by Steelcase. A panel-based workstation, this particular series features freestanding furniture with a wide range of applications that helps any organization balance collaboration with privacy. Specifically designed to support both individuals and groups, the Answer Panel System includes a wide array of elements, including fence, beam, and panel system to encourage mobility and optimize performance.

The collection also includes free-standing furniture with a wide range of applications, including touchdown spaces showcasing the Steelcase Flex Tables, which allow team members to collaborate on individual devices.

The Amobi Collection by AMQ
Known for its ability to quickly transition from a “me” to “we” workspace, the Amobi series of office furniture meets the hybrid demand for multi-modal, adjustable offices that boost space function and recognize the correlation between individual, focused spaces, and collaborative, iterative ones.

A family of mobile carts and walls, Amobi provides collaboration hubs, team storage, and space division and can be integrated with Amobi Desks for spaces that are flexible to everyone’s changing needs throughout the day.

Let POI Help You Find the Ideal Office Desk Layout Solution

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