The way people work has completely changed in the last few years, and many of the elements that previously dictated office design no longer apply today.

Since March 2020, Steelcase has conducted more than a dozen global studies with over 57,000 employees and business leaders. The findings show that most Canadians, as well as most people from around the world, value hybrid workplaces over other types of work layouts.

Now, more than ever before, companies need to put their employees’ needs before profits by transforming the spaces in which they work into practical, hybrid environments.

Research has also shown that the greatest source of inspiration for hybrid workplaces are the vibrant communities and neighbourhoods in which we live; where people form relationships, feel a sense of belonging, and build trust.

What is a Hybrid Community?

The ideal hybrid workplace is a thriving community where people feel a sense of belonging and purpose. With new changes come new expectations and people’s work environments need to adapt to more fluid work patterns.

According to organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant, “A better vision for a workplace is a community — a place where people bond around shared values, feel valued as human beings, and have a voice in decisions that affect them.”

How to Create Community through Hybrid Workplaces

Out in the real world, the best neighborhoods are usually the ones that promote inclusion, have personality, and allow for new ideas and trends to be born. And this is exactly what people need in their place of work.

Companies can strive to create the same sense of energy and connection in the workplace as one would feel if they were at a local library or enjoying a coffee in the park. They need to give employees a balance between working from the office or at home, while ensuring that both environments are conducive of community and collaboration.

Adopting this kind of perspective will allow organizations to:

  • Attract people to the office
  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Build a connection to the culture and sense of community which helps retain employees
  • Foster resilience
  • Adapt easily to changing levels of office occupancy

Thinking of the workplace as a community made up of thriving neighborhoods is a massive shift in culture, with a focus on people. By allowing people to have the freedom of choice when it comes to how and where they work, companies can empower their employees to feel a sense of purpose and progress.

POI Experts Can Help You Create Community in Your Hybrid Workplace

Transforming your company into a place of connection and community is not impossible. Reach out to the experts at POI today to learn more about our solutions specially designed for the hybrid workplace.