Less Stress Less Mess

Less Stress. Less Mess. Less Downtime.

With POI Construction Solutions, you can seamlessly create a workplace that reflects the changing needs of your business. From moveable glass walls, to embedded technology and raised flooring, we deliver specialized construction expertise that can help you transform your workspace without the headaches associated with traditional construction. Fewer deficiencies and accelerated construction means time on-site can be reduced. This results in a quicker turnaround, faster occupancy and cost savings. It’s less stress, less mess, and more importantly, less downtime for your business.

Solutions Walls, Millwork, Access Floor, Power, Networks, Bespoke Ceilings, Timber Frame

Corporate office

DIRTT creates customizable, sustainable architectural interiors that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing.

V.I.A. by Steelcase

V.I.A. creates intelligent rooms, designed to augment human interaction by providing true acoustical privacy and hosting technology. It provides a sense of permanence with the speed and design flexibility of a relocatable wall.

Lite Scale Glazing

The Lite Scale Glazing wall by Steelcase is a ½” glass solution with a minimalist recessive design meant to integrate with our other modular wall systems along with traditional construction.

Privacy Wall by Steelcase
Privacy Wall

Privacy Wall and Privacy Wall GS are high-performance, moveable walls that give you the flexibility and variety to accommodate not just today’s needs, but also the continually changing needs.

IRYS pod

The IRYS pod meets workers’ diverse needs for collaboration, privacy, focus and regeneration in a whole new way.

SnapCab Pods

SnapCab Pods from Steelcase are stand-alone office pods that are simple to install, easy to relocate and offer plenty of room to spread out and tackle the tasks ahead.


Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn.

Low-Profile Floor by Steelcase
Low-Profile Floor

A fixed-height, low-profile access floor that creates a unique pathway for routing wires and cable to wherever they are needed.

Looking for flexibility among your key spaces: meeting rooms, private offices, and enclaves?


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