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DIRTT – Doing It Right This Time

DIRTT creates customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. At DIRTT’s core is a set of robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing. DIRTT’s solutions include: DIRTT Walls & Doors, DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Power and DIRTT Networks, along with cutting-edge ICE® technology, and ICEberg®, a powerful modular vs. traditional construction cost-comparison tool.


DIRTT Face Mounted Tiles
DIRTT Center Mounted Tiles
DIRTT Bespoke
DIRTT Breathe™

DIRTT Face Mounted Tiles

In these walls you’ll find the answer to true sustainability. The DIRTT Face-mount Walls bring opportunities to horizontally support all new and legacy furniture, appliances and fixtures. Each wall side performs independently of the other. Tiles can be altered and switched out for small changes and the entire wall can be reconfigured for large changes. Never losing the ability to support the modules it supports or damaging power and data running inside it.

The DIRTT Face-mount tile Walls off er another way to provide environmentally sensitive solutions for space. A single-sided version can act as a curtain over any base building wall. This gives you the chance to choose the most effi cient real estate and thereby limit your own sprawl. It opens up a world of functional and aesthetic opportunities where there were none before. Add power, data, furniture support, Audio/Video, run offices off of it and/or surround columns with them.



DIRTT Sliding Doors
DIRTT Pivot Doors
DIRTT Butt Hinge Doors

DIRTT Sliding Doors

It worked in 8th century Japan and it still works now. The Sliding Door not only saves real estate it frees your design layout from the oppression of the swing door. DIRTT’s Sliding Doors bring further freedom by being non-handed for reconfigurations, with optional locking versions and elegant styles. Its quiet closing mechanism installs quickly and cleanly on either side of the frame. Domo arigato shoji screen!

DIRTT Doors 6

DIRTT Power & Networks

DIRTT Power creates pre-manufactured modular and conventional power solutions. They are scalable to your needs and flexible for changing business strategies. DIRTT’s plug & play modular solutions bring you an important environmentally sustainable solution for your real estate’s wiring while being suitable for any office power requirement.


DIRTT Floors

The DIRTT Floor is a low-profile floor. At just under 67mm high, it supports adaptable power and data infrastructures. In some cases, where ceiling conditions are limiting, a low-profile floor is the only choice.

  • Low-profile
  • Fast installation
  • Fewer master technicians on-site
  • Saves labour costs

The clever design of the DIRTT Floor components makes it straightforward to install. Once in place, the sub-trades simply open the pathways and lay down their cables, thereby lowering labour hours. This is compared to going up and down ladders and feeding wires into trays in the ceiling. No matter the brand of floor, the smartest approach is to fill it with modular power and data solutions.

DIRTT Millwork


DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry. Just like built in situ millwork, you can create the perfect piece to fit the perfect space. Unlike conventional millwork, DIRTT Millwork offers a set price, a fast lead-time, smooth install and long-term agility.


DIRTT Millwork works for nearly any application – healthcare, corporate, residential, education, government… Finishes and shapes are determined by the designer to suit the space. Using ICE® software, the designer designs while the software specifies, prices and produces manufacturing information. The perfect piece is produced quickly and without error.


Hands-free drawers, secure lockers, non-splash-back sinks, overheads, Java Center cabinetry and countertops are just some of the many ways DIRTT Millwork can morph into what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need. It all hangs from the horizontal support in DIRTT Walls, ready to move if you need it to.

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