Facility management services is a fairly broad term, encompassing a range of disciplines, but essentially it’s about maintaining your facility at peak performance and ensuring all aspects of the operation are working harmoniously.

To do that, employers will want to maintain and refresh their work environments, especially with the rapid pace of change happening in technologies, office configurations, and employee needs. To do this efficiently and effectively, managers will want to engage in facility management services, especially to reconfigure workstations and manage furniture assets.

Facility management ensures work environments are safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable. This contributes to a company’s bottom line and profitability by focusing on assets, including property, personnel, inventory, and other aspects of an organization.

The impact can be felt in a number of areas, including: operational efficiencies, supporting personnel and workspace productivity, managing risks, controlling possible environmental impacts, technological solutions, managing the effects of natural disasters, and ensuring compliance of regulatory rules and requirements.

Facility Management Services Bring the Right Solutions to Needs

Here are some key areas that facilities management services can bring to the table:

  • Furniture and office design: Today’s offices are moving away from the classic design of employees in rows of desks or behind cubicles, and managers in offices along the walls. The current feel is much more people-focused with ergonomic and flexible furniture, and an office design that is open, comfortable and inviting.
  • Keeping expenses in order: Being asked to do more with less is not an uncommon request of a manager. The good news is that there are ways to succeed in doing so, such as negotiating better prices from suppliers, undergoing energy audits to see if costs can be reduced, and investing in new technologies that improve productivity. A facility manager can develop and implement a strategy to keep costs in line.
  • The right technological fit: Getting the right technology for the task at hand would seem obvious, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Not everyone is an expert on resources, but a facility manager can bring those experts together to make sure the right solution is applied. Getting the right technology is essential to target the biggest challenges in facility management.

Facility Managers Focus on Employee Health and Wellbeing

Facility management services are about the physical plant, its operations and schedules, procedures and policies. But, as pointed out above, it’s also about the changing face and nature of the office environment, from the old buttoned-down, one-style-fits-all approach, to one where an employee’s physical and emotional needs factor into increased productivity, better attraction and retention rates, and improved customer satisfaction.

Facility managers are watching and reacting to these trends, with a recent survey by CORT indicating:

  • Interest in trends connected to employee health and wellness, such as sit-to-stand desks, adjustable lighting in their workstation areas, and ergonomic seating, was identified by 43% of managers.
  • Over the coming year, 57% of managers are looking to add new people, compared to only 34% in 2018.
  • A range of workspaces, from open and closed, was identified as important by 63% of survey respondents.
  • And 36% indicated cost as the biggest organizational obstacle to addressing furniture needs.

POI’s facility management services has solutions to suit every need, from a facility move or to refreshing your office environment. Ensuring the future health of your facility requires a responsive and reliable partner. We serve as an extension of your team, managing the ebb and flow of your resource requirements while protecting your assets throughout their lifecycle. Contact POI today for more information.