Waterfalls, plants and trees. What does that remind you of? If you said some type of forest haven, well that’s the easy answer. But if you visit some of today’s more enlightened office environments, you will see some of these natural elements blending in with modern office furniture as informed employers strive to create a holistic presence geared towards collaboration, productivity and employee wellbeing.

It’s no easy task creating the office environment of today. After all, it is a workplace and that means business resources are geared towards getting work completed. However, smart employers know  that workplaces need more than the basics. They require an edge to compete and thrive, and to attract and retain the best and the brightest. Modern office furniture that is functional, ergonomic, and innovative can assist employers in creating the human-centric office of today and tomorrow.

Employees Thrive in a Modern Office That Incorporates Natural Elements and Furniture

Research is showing that the traditional office environment of cubicles and desks tend to tamper down creativity, making employees miserable and lethargic. A more naturally enhanced environment, on the other hand, especially one with modern office furniture that encourages collaboration and innovation, sparks originality and inventiveness.

Here are some office trends for 2020 to consider.

  1. The Natural Look: It’s no surprise that people have an emotional connectedness to nature. People take nature walks to rejuvenate themselves, and take breaks outside for some fresh air. Greater exposure to green spaces also helps improve productivity, lower stress levels, and enhance cognitive function. The 2020 office will incorporate greater elements of nature, such as waterfalls, plant life, and indoor gardens, but also furniture that is inspired by nature. Consider a living green wall; modular, flexible and scalable, with endless design options.
  2. Smart Ergonomic Furniture: Ergonomic might be the furniture buzzword of 2020, operating under the simple premise that when you feel good, performance follows. Essentially, ergonomics is the practice of designing products, desks and chairs and such, to enhance comfort and wellbeing. Examples of ergonomic furniture include Steelcase’s Leap office chair, an office chair that enables you to comfortably recline without straining your eyes, neck or arms, or its Think model, an office chair that senses what your body needs and conforms to your body as you change postures.
  3. Embrace Light: Sunshine is a remedy for so much of what ails us. We shouldn’t be denied its benefits just because we go to work in an office. The work environment of 2020 will find ways to let the light shine in. It’s good for mental and physical health, leaving one feeling revitalized. And, again, we come back to research that shows a happy, healthy employee is a productive, creative, and engaged employee.
  4. A Pattern to Creativity: Another trend we can expect to see continuing into 2020 is the use of patterns, geometric and abstract, in workplace art and furniture. It has been shown that some shapes, such as curvaceous ones, clears and focuses the mind, leading to all sorts of ideas and solutions. They look great on the walls and in the halls of a creative workplace. Consider Coalesse’s Emu Pattern Seating, a playful and evocative family of stackable chairs, bench seating, and tables, all with a distinct hexagonal pattern.

As we continue into 2020, trends in office space, design and furniture will continue to focus on employee wellbeing, collaboration, and innovation. Looking to keep your office and employees motivated? Contact POI today to learn how we can help.