Hybrid workplaces are quickly becoming the norm as the world slowly reopens post-pandemic, and businesses must adapt to keep up. People expect more from their work environment and require additional resources to remain focused and inspired. In order to aid organizations in this shift towards a hybrid environment, office furniture companies such as Steelcase have created innovative business interior products and solutions that provide employees with the support needed to enable collaboration and productivity.

Business Interior Products and Solutions That Will Improve Collaboration and Efficiency at Your Company

Ergonomic office furniture and cutting-edge audio-visual technology can significantly enhance your overall well-being. Studies show that businesses that prioritize the health and well-being of their people have more agile and more focused employees. To boost productivity and participation, consider these business interior products and solutions:

  1. Steelcase Karman: Listed as one of the best office chairs from Steelcase, the Karman chair naturally responds to the movement of the body to make leaning or sitting in different positions more comfortable. With its proprietary performance textile, Intermix, and a patented hybrid seat, the Karman chair was designed to provide ergonomic support for people of all body shapes and sizes. The use of suspension and integrated cushioning promotes better posture and more organic movement to help employees comfortably remain on-task.
  2. Steelcase Flex Collection: Designed to be rearranged at a moment’s notice, the Steelcase Flex Collection is the perfect addition to any hybrid environment. The pieces in this collection allow employees to easily create workspaces conducive to both collaborative teamwork and personal solo work. In addition, workstation solutions such as Steelcase’s new Flex Personal Spaces and items like height-adjustable desks or movable marker boards provide flexibility on-demand, so your business interiors can adapt to whatever the team needs at the time.
  3. DeskWizard: The Steelcase DeskWizard works in tandem with the Steelcase Find app to help employees quickly and efficiently book time in shared office spaces. Through the use of pre-bookings and QR codes, anyone can easily reserve an available workspace and check-in hands-free. Everything is managed on your mobile device and is extremely simple to install and set up. As a result, finding a place to do team-based or solo work has never been more effortless.
  4. Steelcase Work Tents Collection: For a versatile, light, and airy private workspace, consider the Work Tents Collection from Steelcase. These tent-like screens and enclosures offer employees the peace and quiet they need, while still maintaining a level of accessibility to the rest of the office. Easily transition between teamwork and personal work using these innovative and dynamic work tents.

Support Employees in the New Hybrid Environment with the Help of POI

By creating workspaces that enable collaboration and efficiency among employees, companies are investing in their organization’s success and showing the people who work there how much they care. To find the perfect business interior solutions for your company, contact the experts at POI today.