With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s about time to start shopping for gifts for your loved ones. There are plenty of  , but home office furniture has become a popular choice in recent years due to an increase in the number of people working from home. If you’ve got someone in your life who regularly works remotely, ergonomically designed office chairs can be the perfect present for the holidays this year. Give them the gift of comfort and productivity with one of the best office chairs on the market: The Series 1 chair from Steelcase.

The Best Office Chair for the Holiday Season

The Series 1 chair is one of Steelcase’s best office chairs available for several reasons. Backed up by research and science, their chairs are designed to lessen health concerns such as back pain and bad posture. The Series 1 chair makes buying premium office furniture for your loved ones a no-brainer and here’s why:

It Is Affordable: As one of the most affordable options from Steelcase, the Series 1 chair is the best office chair for those looking to begin incorporating high-end office furniture into their workspace. It makes better posture and improved health and wellbeing more accessible for everyone.

It Provides Excellent Support: Don’t let the affordability of this chair fool you. The Series 1 chair still delivers on quality and support, even at a lower price point than some other office chairs. With integrated LiveBack technology, the Series 1 uses interdependent flexors that move and adapt to support the back, no matter the position.

It Requires Minimal Assembly: As most of the pieces of the Series 1 chair come already whole, assembly is especially easy and minimal. There are only 7 total parts to put together and all of them sit, slide, or click into place. No screws or bolts to keep track of.

It Is Easily Adjustable: In addition to the integrated LiveBack technology and versatile lumbar support in the backrest, the 4D adjustable arms, adjustable seat depth, and three different seat tension settings on the Series 1 chair allow for a more personalized experience.

It Has a Small Footprint: The Series 1 is quite compact and lightweight. Weighing in at 29 lbs and with a width of no more than 27″, it is the perfect choice for those who work in smaller spaces. Don’t have a dedicated office at home or have limited square footage in general? This chair is an excellent solution. They’ll be sure to love it.

POI Offers the Best Office Chairs for Your Loved Ones

Show the important people in your life that you care by giving them the Series 1 chair as a gift this holiday season. For more information and additional gift options, contact the experts at POI today