Throughout the pandemic, people were spending more and more time sitting in chairs. Whether those chairs were in an empty Toronto office or just at the dining room table, it became clear that comfortable ergonomic office chairs in Toronto were a necessity. James Ludwig, Vice President of Global Design and Engineering at Steelcase even notes how “you only notice ergonomics when you’re uncomfortable”. That concept is the basis for the design of the Steelcase Karman chair.

Built to provide effortless comfort and support that moves with your body, the Steelcase Karman is a one-of-a-kind ergonomic office chair with a patented hybrid seat and new proprietary performance textile materials.

What Sets the Steelcase Karman Apart from Other Ergonomic Office Chairs in Toronto Workplaces?

  • Breakthrough Comfort: The Steelcase Karman chair was designed with the human body in mind. Movement and flexing are ingrained in human nature, and the patented hybrid seat of the Karman chair allows for fidgeting and motion alongside incredible support. It was important to the Steelcase designers to create an ergonomic office chair option that was comfortable for many body types for extended periods of time. The exclusive Intermix mesh weave used for the Karman chair establishes the perfect ergonomic support without sagging or feeling stiff.
  • Unique Design: The ultra-light frame and less abrasive materials offer users an unparalleled feel, while the 13 Intermix mesh colourways create style for any workplace. Julie Yonehara, a Senior Industrial Designer at Steelcase mentions how the new proprietary textile “was inspired by athletic performance wear, really highlighting the dynamism of it.” Leaning, sitting sideways, or turned all the way around, the Steelcase Karman chair also eliminates painful pressure points to reduce pressure on the back and seat. Requiring only one manual adjustment, the use of the Karman chair is simple and intuitive.
  • Creative Sustainability: With careful consideration of the planet and the future, Steelcase designed the Karman chair to be more intuitive, incorporate fewer materials and use fewer resources than other ergonomic office chairs on the market. It is as simple as possible but still delivers on comfort and support. Using physics to create responsive movement and weighing in at only 29 pounds, the Steelcase Karman chair is the ultimate minimal and efficient ergonomic office chair that is perfect for Toronto companies.

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The Karman chair from Steelcase goes beyond regular comfort and convention to provide lightweight, stunning, and sustainable support. It will easily become the new favourite ergonomic office chair amongst Toronto workplaces, and you can get yours by contacting the experts at POI.