In the emerging hybrid home/office workplace, deciding to pursue a remote strategy is the easy part of the equation. The hard work comes in equipping the remote worker with the resources needed to get the job done, and home office furniture is central to meeting that challenge.

Ergonomically designed furniture is where the process starts, ensuring employee wellbeing and comfort, which enables productivity, collaboration, and engagement. Data shows quality furniture reduces stress on the body. For example, adjustable-height desks are proven to be effective in keeping employees more engaged and productive than fixed desks.

When looking for an ergonomic chair or desk, the team from POI recommends considering these features:

  • Height of the seat: For a chair to be even deemed ergonomic, the height needs to be adjustable. Both feet should be resting comfortably on the floor, and the actual height of the seat should be roughly level with the hips.
  • Height of the backrest: Remember this: it’s all about the lumbar. An adjustable backrest is important to comfort and wellbeing as no two people are alike. One non-adjustable chair does not fit all.
  • Rotation: Need something from the shelf behind you? A swivel chair reduces strain and stress on the body by making most, if not all, work-related items within reach.
  • Materials: The seat material should be comfortable, padded to adapt to the contours of the body. It should also be made of material that breathes, keeping the user cool and comfortable. Mesh-like fabrics are favorite materials for chairs.
  • Resting the head: Although not the most necessary chair feature, a headrest reduces pressure on the head and neck, adding comfort to a day’s work.
  • Don’t forget about the arms: Armrests are an integral component of quality office furniture. Consider how people type. Usually, arms are resting on the supports, and that relaxes the shoulders, minimizing body stress.
  • Key features of ergonomic desk: A smooth surface with no wobbles; adequate room for keyboard, mouse, and monitor; a monitor that can be placed at least an arm’s length from body; room to handle all the equipment necessary for a home office; adequate storage capacity; no obstructions beneath the desk; and if you have an adjustable-height desk, ensure that it adjusts to personal body dimensions.

Options for Ergonomically Designed Home Office Furniture

There are a few ergonomically designed home office furniture solutions we recommend:

  • Steelcase Series 2: Available as a standard-height task chair or as a higher stool. An optional head rest or coat hanger adds additional comfort and convenience.
  • SILQ by SteelcaseThe performance is intuitive. It responds to the natural movement of the human body. The way you move is the way it moves.
  • Gesture: Gesture by Steelcase is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies.
  • Bivi Height-Adjustable DeskThe Bivi Height Adjustable Desk adds another option for postural change to the Bivi collection. For those who want to sit less and stand more, it’s a solid, smooth-flowing solution.

Round Out the Home Office with These Features

While home office furniture provides the basic for a successful remote experience, other features help round out the space, including:

  • A quality high-resolution monitor that supports remote work requirements.
  • A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can reduce desk clutter and contribute to comfort and wellbeing by allowing employee to move away from the desk.
  • A multi-port hub lets you connect all your devices to the computer, to keep them handy when needed.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are useful when you need to focus and reduce distracting background noise.
  • Other features for the home office include a powerful Wi-Fi router, a webcam, and perhaps a quality set of speakers.

The trail to designing an effective remote environment is clear enough, and well laid out for employees to follow. Remember, you aren’t in this alone. Contact the experts at POI today for advice and assistance on home office furniture solutions.