Healthcare delivery is ever changing

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Healthcare delivery is ever-changing, yet incremental changes often go unnoticed. Staff work styles change. Patient expectations change. One day, we look up and the environment that served us well for years may no longer meet our needs.

POI is making use of evidence-based research in order to select and provide quality product solutions to the healthcare market. We have worked extensively with Canada’s leading hospitals, clinics, acute care, long-term care, assisted living facilities, and healthcare environments in the development of comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare workers, patients and their family support networks.

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The empath recliner is designed to reduce stress and the potential injury for both patients and clinicians while increasing physical and emotional connectedness.

Folio Nourishment Cafe by Steelcase

Folio casegoods progressive, modular storage designed around the changing needs of healthcare places.

Convey Modular Casework

To serve health well, the spaces where health happens must be met with extreme flexibility – handling what’s now and anticipating what’s next. Convey’s spectrum of modular components support smart space planning and dynamic care needs.


Designed to support clinicians in action. Sync workstations facilitate collaboration between colleagues, connection to patients and access technology and information.


The Pocket mobile worksurface supports connected care, from task to task and space to space.

Verge Chair by Steelcase

Available in three heights, the Verge stool provides a quick and comfortable place to sit as clinicians collaborate with each other and connect with patients and families.


The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful.

Sieste Sleeper by Steelcase
Sieste Sleeper

By offering a comfortable place to rest with a quick and easy conversion, the Sieste Sleeper encourages visiting family members to feel welcome as active partners in their loved one’s care.