1785 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON

Brave Control Solutions design and deliver high quality automation solutions to Fortune 500 manufacturers across North America. Brave moved from their leased premises to their new building to support greater capacity. POI was called upon to help move them to their new converted warehouse space. They also engaged POI to help with decommissioning furniture in their existing space, then reconfigure, supply, deliver and install new furniture at their new location. Brave’s overall building’s distinctive architectural and interior features meant that furniture aesthetic had to be representative and consistent with their branding.

POI worked with Brave and the architect to change up the original design by adding some additional accents of colour to match their brand. Brave wanted to re-use as much existing product as possible in their new location. The solution included re-using existing tops to distinguish Managers from Project Managers and Project Engineers. POI also reconfigured and changed the trim finishes on existing Steelcase Answer workstations to match their modern aesthetic.

The project necessitated coordinating with the architect, Brave, and their team to establish workspace design standards within the prescribed budget. This included using existing product wherever possible. POI further provided detailed drawings and plans and bill of material for the new office space as well as tear down of existing furniture for repurposing. Steelcase leasing was provided to further lessen the initial cost impact.

POI successfully worked with Brave to create a space that featured a unique blend of modern and industrial design. Both staff and the owner are extremely happy with their new home.