Rosedale Day School
131 Bloor St. West, Floors 3 & 4, Toronto

Rosedale Day School (RDS) engaged POI to help them create a 21st century learning environment in a Manhattan-style mixed commercial and residential facility in the heart of Toronto. With progressive thinking driving increased attendance, RDS took on an extra floor due to its expansion requirements.

At RDS, students are able to work in the classroom with new learning pedagogies that foster collaboration while being supported by movement and choice.  POI selected Steelcase Nodes, Verb tables and whiteboards, as well as collaborative technology sharing mediascapes. Also featured was Smith Systems furniture, customized to the JK-8 environment.

POI effectively took a commercial space and converted it into open teachable space inclusive of 4 classrooms, a meeting space and study hall, as well as 3 back offices. The 6:1 student to staff ratio makes RDS a forerunner in delivering progressive private elementary school education and a CAIS Canadian accredited learning institution.


Project Scope
180 Students –
Kindergarten to Grade 8
2 Floors

Completion Date
August 2019

POI Services  
AV Technology

Steelcase – Nodes, Verbs, Whiteboards, Campfire, mediascape, Laganitus, Think chairs, Turnstone, Move, B-Free, Pockets, Smith Systems

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