Creating Community through Hybrid Workplaces

The way people work has completely changed in the last few years, and many of the elements that previously dictated…

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How to Ensure a Safe and Flexible Workplace Through a Pandemic

POI is proud to be part of the Future of Work campaign which launched in the National Post and online…

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Collaborative Office Solution

Why the Whiteboard is Not Going Away As a Collaborative Office Solution

Employees returning to offices that have been closed due to the COVID-19 crisis will find a very different environment awaiting…

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Modern Office Furniture

Employee-Focused Modern Office Furniture Can Enhance COVID Era Office Experience

It all sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it? Dividers and panels separating desks, one-way trackers to direct traffic flow, and the…

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Connect the Team on a Social Level With Collaborative Office Solutions

As employees either return to the office or work from home, they will experience some degree of isolation. Collaborative office…

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PDC: Our Hub of Operations

Play VideoPDC: Our Hub of Operations Featuring a 120, 000 square foot state of the art warehouse, our PDC is…

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Workplace Consulting

Workplace Consulting Key to Helping Employees Navigate New Office Realities

With the economy reopening in stages, many businesses that had been shuttered because of the COVID-19 crisis are welcoming employees…

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Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture Essential in Maintaining Safe Working Environment for Employees

The economy is reopening with all of Ontario now in Stage 3 of the recovery plan, permitting additional businesses to…

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Classroom Furniture Solutions Plays a Role in Reopening Schools During COVID Crisis

While it’s not certain, it does appear likely that the school bell will ring across Ontario in September for schools,…

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Earn Top Marks With Quality Classroom Furniture Designed to Meet the Realities of Post-COVID Education

When students return to classrooms, one of the first things they will have to learn is how to navigate the…

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Whats New Section Graphic – Home is where the office is

Home is Where the Office Is: Alley Row Design Interview with POI (PART 3)

Play VideoHome is Where the Office Is: Alley Row Design Interview with POI (PART 3) Rochelle Straker is the ‘Ro’…

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