Creating Community through Hybrid Workplaces

The way people work has completely changed in the last few years, and many of the elements that previously dictated…

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Wellness Strategies for Remote and Office Workers

Shortly after the first wave of COVID-19 subsided, employees began to return to work from last spring’s lockdown. They were…

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An Office Furniture Company Can Help Employers Navigate New Realities of the Post-Pandemic Office

While employers focus on maintaining a remote-based workforce post-pandemic, it’s worth noting that offices are not going dark and empty…

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Home Office Furniture Solutions Can Support Remote Workers in Small Quarters

When it comes to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the script has largely been written for what comes next.…

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Collaborative Office Solutions Key to Handling the Emerging Hybrid Workplace

What a change the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought in little more than a year. The virus has impacted life in…

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As Working Remotely Fuels the Housing Market Boom, Home Office Furniture Meets the Need

When it comes to working remotely, many employees who are checking in from the home-side see its advantages, including skipping…

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Technology Webinar -Whats New Section

Technology: The New Workplace Imperative Webinar

Why braiding the digital and physical worlds is the new imperative for companies looking to drive innovation and productivity. Watch…

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How to Recreate the Office Feel with Your Home Office Furniture

The technology to allow employees to work from home has been with us for some time, but a preference for…

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The Best Ergonomically Designed Home Office Furniture

These are stressful times for employees, particularly those working from home because of the pandemic. According to a Steelcase study,…

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Touchless Audio Visual Technology a Path to Safer, Connected Workplaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed workplaces, perhaps forever, as employers and employees embrace strategies that include enhanced safety protocols and…

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Today’s Hybrid Workplace Depends on Audio Visual Technology to Remain Connected

The workday starts the same. As with any other, people get up in the morning and ready themselves for the…

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