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POI Furnishes The New Raptors' Practice Facility

POI Business Interiors has had a proud relationship with MLSE for many years and it has continued to blossom with the furnishing of the new practice facility located just west of the Exhibition Place. This new facility features a full-court gymnasium, fitness and weight room, barber shop, full-service kitchen, multiple offices and a state-of-the-art “war room” equipped with real-time player information and trade reports.

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POI Marketplace Event

The POI Marketplace event, held mid-November, introduced a select group of our complementary manufacturers, supporting services and, also, our preferred charitable organization The Furniture Bank. Please click below to download the POI MARKETPLACE LOOKBOOK for insight into POI’s complete suite of integrated products and services – from floor to ceiling and everything in between.


YA Canada

A Client Story: YA Canada

At YA Canada, an expansion after years of strong growth demanded a new workplace to accomodate the size and culture of the digital solutions and marketing provider.


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POI Business Interiors partnered with Ray Inc. to provide a modern design incorporated with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to Oaken Financial.

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POI Client Appreciation Event

POI held a ‘Wine and Whisky Wednesday’ to show appreciation towards clients and to showcase the brand new Brody Worklounge.

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Windsor Business Newspaper

LOCAL OFFICE SUPPLIER CLOSE WHILE MARKHAM FIRM OPENS IN WINDSOR. POI Business Interiors was featured in Windsors Business Newspaper following the closure of Mayhew, an office furniture company based out of Windsor. Winning the Steelcase account for much of Ontario, POI is the largest office supply and design firm in Canada.

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In an interconnected and interdependent world, the workplace has to work smarter, and harder, than ever before. Optimizing real estate is a key strategic issue. It has to enhance collaboration, attract and engage employees, build brand and encourage the wellbeing of the people who work there—physically, emotionally and cognitively. Together, Steelcase and POI offer the most comprehensive range of products, services and ideas to help create and manage the complexity of owning the kind of workplace required today—an interconnected workplace.


Here is the key question that we’d like you to consider. In a global, mobile, 24/7 world, is your workplace ready?

We believe that with the fundamental shift in our world, and the fundamental way that our work has changed, the workplace needs to be fundamentally different too.

We believe that the workplace can be a key strategic business tool that can help a company achieve their business goals by being interconnected, collaborative and inspirational.

The world is more interconnected than ever. The way we work has changed dramatically over the past decade, but most significantly in the past two years.

Understandably, all of these trends have major impact on the way we work. So the question we ask ourselves all the time is “What are the implications of all this on the workplace?”

WORLD Disruptive technologies, interconnected and interdependent, emerging markets, growth, volatile and uncertain.
WORK Work is 24/7, globally integrated, teams, part time workers, creative, lean, free agents.
WORKERS There are greater demands, networked, mobile, control and choice, diverse, connected, burn out.
WORKPLACE Real estate optimization, enhance collaboration, attract and develop, build brand and culture, wellbeing at work.






  1. Optimism: Fostering Creativity and Innovation
  2. Mindfulness: Fully Engaged
  3. Authenticity: Really Yourself
  4. Belonging: Connecting to Others
  5. Meaning: A Sense of Purpose
  6. Vitality: Get-up-and-go

360 Magazine



For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all? Yet as the world becomes more complex, the places we work have never been more relevant. Work is a social activity and people need places to come together to solve problems. The office isn’t going away—it’s in the midst of a renaissance, where workplaces are becoming something fundamentally different.

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New Products



Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn.

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Introducing the BrodyWorkLounge. Designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.

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CoreChair believes that just because you sit, doesn’t mean you have to sit still. Chairs have been denying us the one thing our bodies were built to do: MOVE.

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A sleek wireless charging station that allows almost any phone to charge wirelessly on an installed ChargeSpot pocket.

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AMQ ACTIV-1 height adjustable table utilizes the touch activated LED display to give users the ability to control and save their preferred height settings.

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DIRTT creates sustainable architectural interiors that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing

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