Add These Modern Office Furniture Selections to Your 2021 Holiday Wish List

It’s about that time of year again: gift-giving season. Around now, everyone begins to put together wish lists for anything and everything they’ve been coveting over the course of the year and shopping for gifts for their loved ones. To make the shopping experience a little easier this year, the experts at POI have compiled…

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What Toronto Workers Should Look for When Shopping for a Home Office Desk

In today’s hybrid work environment, it has become normal, if not expected, for employees to work from home. This new work system offers a variety of benefits for workers such as spending less time and money on commuting and offering flexible schedules for those who need it, but it adds some challenges to the workday…

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Toronto Companies Love These Height-Adjustable Office Desks

Standing desks only started gaining traction a few years ago, but since then the benefits of having an adaptable workspace have only become more evident. Benefits such as reduced physical pain and less sitting are directly linked to an employee’s ability to both sit and stand while at work. In fact, studies show that the…

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Business Interior Solutions Which Support Inclusivity in the Workplace

Workplaces in the current hybrid environment have become more and more diverse. Now more than ever, it is beneficial to have a wide variety of perspectives on your team that contribute to the organization. Individuals from different social and ethnic backgrounds, gender groups, and levels of ability all have something valuable to bring to the…

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Here Are 5 of the Best Office Chairs from Steelcase

As one of the largest manufacturers of office seating in the world, Steelcase offers high-quality office furniture that is designed with people in mind. One of the most important pieces of office furniture is an ergonomically designed chair as it prevents health concerns such as fatigue, bad posture, and back pain. With a variety of…

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The Best Modern Office Furniture Designed for Collaboration

Hybrid work environments are here to stay. This new way of working sees teams split between in-office and remote work. As office doors reopen, organizations are looking for ways to incorporate modern office furniture that enables collaboration amongst employees in both locations. Alternatives such as dividers and work tents, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed furniture,…

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Burnout is Real and Home Office Furniture Can Help Prevent It

Trouble focusing, lack of engagement, increased pessimism towards work, feelings of loneliness, and isolation; all these symptoms have one thing in common, they’re likely caused by burnout. In fact, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home according to a recent survey by online employment platform, Monster. Have no fear, though, because…

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Successful Hybrid Solutions Can Be Facilitated By An Office Furniture Company

With the lifting of many restrictions and more openness towards workplace engagement, many companies are looking to bring back their employees to the office, at least partially. To facilitate this, they need flexible solutions to promote productivity while maintaining safety. Having a hybrid workplace means both in-office employees and remote employees can connect to collaborate…

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Home Office Furniture Can Help Ease Employees into a Hybrid Work Environment

It is clear that as offices begin to reopen their doors, some form of hybrid work experience will prevail. Employees going back to work will expect greater flexibility from organizations going forward. Factors such as structure, guidance, and collaboration entice people to work in the office. Still, not everyone will jump at the chance to…

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How Home Office Furniture Can Provide Support for Pandemic-Related Mental Health Challenges

The link between physical and mental health has become more prevalent since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, people require additional resources to help them remain positive and motivated, feel connected to others, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Understanding this connection is crucial to stress reduction and preserving the overall wellbeing…

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