How Can Modern Office Furniture Keep Employees Collaborative and Productive in the Office?

Studies show that as much as 72% of companies are moving to a hybrid workspace. Although many employees will still be working remotely, employees that are returning to the office will arrive with new expectations and questions. What will the workplace now look like? How can I collaborate effectively with my colleagues? How safe is…

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An Office Furniture Company Can Cure the Craving for Communication and Interaction

A year and a half into a global pandemic and we can now finally start grasping at some form of normality. This “new normal, a term so regularly overused, will be no easy feat. This is certainly true when it comes to the social aspect of office work. At the start of the pandemic, governments…

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A New Place We Call Home

Over the past year, we have been sharing research and insights with you through various webinars and other virtual communications. Hybrid work is the evolution of the work ecosystem, and our new Headquarters has been designed to embrace, test and experience these new ideas. We are excited to invite you to our new home to…

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The Path Towards an Effective Remote Experience Begins with Quality Home Office Furniture

In the emerging hybrid home/office workplace, deciding to pursue a remote strategy is the easy part of the equation. The hard work comes in equipping the remote worker with the resources needed to get the job done, and home office furniture is central to meeting that challenge. Ergonomically designed furniture is where the process starts, ensuring employee wellbeing…

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Lessons Learned on the Front Lines of the Hybrid Remote/Office Environment

Once, not that long ago, it was relatively easy for workers to connect and collaborate. After all, they shared the same space and if they needed to get together to engage on projects, an open room or office was just steps away equipped with all the required resources. That, of course, was before the pandemic…

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When The Need To Adjust Became A Circle Of Trust

Every Friday evening, a group of work peers connect to discuss their unique set of challenges, break bread and celebrate their achievements. The G7, as they call themselves, are made up of 7 account managers from POI – Tanya, Christina, Fern, Marta, Susan, Michelle, and Zsuzsi. With the world on pause, this far-flung group chose…

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Wellness Strategies for Remote and Office Workers

Shortly after the first wave of COVID-19 subsided, employees began to return to work from last spring’s lockdown. They were greeted with an array of distancing, division, and geometry measures designed to keep the virus at bay. Quality office furniture played, and continues to play, a key role in that endeavour. Unfortunately, the dreaded second…

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An Office Furniture Company Can Help Employers Navigate New Realities of the Post-Pandemic Office

While employers focus on maintaining a remote-based workforce post-pandemic, it’s worth noting that offices are not going dark and empty anytime soon. Employees have been returning to them, as restrictions ease, and will continue to do so when COVID-19 fi While employers focus on maintaining a remote-based workforce post-pandemic, it’s worth noting that offices are…

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Home Office Furniture Solutions Can Support Remote Workers in Small Quarters

When it comes to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the script has largely been written for what comes next. Employers are signaling that working remotely is here to stay for some employees, music to the ears of those employees who enjoy clocking in from the home office. However, a Steelcase report, The Hidden Bias…

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Collaborative Office Solutions Key to Handling the Emerging Hybrid Workplace

What a change the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought in little more than a year. The virus has impacted life in a multitude of ways, including how we socialize and work. Restrictions and lockdowns have kept us at home, including many employees who now work remotely. Thankfully, collaborative office solutions have kept the projects flowing, allowing…

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