Blog_cover_Biophilic Design in Your Office Interiors

It’s Time to Incorporate Biophilic Design in Your Office Interiors

With today’s fast-paced technology-driven landscape, it’s easy to feel disconnected from nature while spending the majority of our time indoors, especially in the office. Research has shown that humans have an inherent connection to nature, and incorporating elements of the natural world into office interiors can have significant benefits. Biophilic design is a game-changing approach…

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Blog_cover_The Impact of Technology on Business Interiors – Opportunities and Challenges

The Impact of Technology on Business Interiors: Opportunities and Challenges

With the rapidly evolving business landscape, technology is perhaps the greatest force shaping the way we work. As businesses embrace digital transformation, the impact of technology on commercial spaces, specifically business interiors, has been significant. From design and layout considerations to addressing connectivity and productivity needs, technology integration has become crucial for creating inclusive, efficient…

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Blog_cover_Making Your Office More Accessible with Universal Design Principles

Making Your Office More Accessible with Universal Design Principles

In Canada, where 22% of the population lives with a known disability, inclusive workplaces are not just a social responsibility but also a strategic advantage. Businesses need to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in their office interior design using universal design principles, which offer a framework that can transform your office space into an inclusive environment…

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Embracing the Hybrid Work Model in the Midst of Higher Office Vacancies

Corporate real estate occupancy has experienced a seismic shift as a result of the way businesses pivoted in the wake of the pandemic. Remote work became the norm and traditional office spaces were left vacant as companies adapted to the challenges. Even as the pandemic subsided, the hybrid work model emerged as a permanent change…

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Why We Work: Embracing Hybrid Work

POI’s LivingLAB and approach to hybrid work offers employees choice over how and where they work, and empowers them to make successful decisions. Improved work-life balance, more efficient use of time, control over where work is completed and greater workforce productivity are all powerful incentives for companies to embrace hybrid work models for their employees.…

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Creating an Office That Promotes Inclusivity

Creating an office with inclusivity in mind is crucial for any organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. It involves designing business interiors that cater to the needs of all individuals and creating an environment that promotes productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Inclusivity is a constantly evolving process that aims to empower every individual and promote…

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More ROI at POI

What does the post-pandemic “new normal” look like? There has been a surfeit of-return-to-the-office stories, but they have been told, for the most part, by commercial real estate giants who provide an overall, 30,000-foot view based on their leasing data. Here, however, is a Ground Zero case study told from a “boots-on-the-ground” granular perspective of…

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Revolutionize Your Workspace with Orangebox: The Versatile and Private Solution for Offices and Schools

Have you noticed how expectations for a room have evolved? Everyone, in one way or another, is looking for the perfect combination of a private space with a twist of collaborative opportunity. With the need for these types of spaces on the rise, Orangebox responds with its series of modular, reconfigurable, and phone booth like…

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Employee Engagement is Essential to Company Success Under a Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid work has created both opportunities and challenges for organizations looking to compete in the post pandemic era. Audio visual technology has enabled workers to do their jobs anywhere and anytime, and companies are advocating flexibility, which looks like a combination of in-office and remote work. Applying the hybrid work model often comes down to…

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How to Bring Your Employees Back from the Brink of Quiet Quitting

Workplace culture is not what it used to be. During the pandemic, people experienced greater work-life balance while working remotely. Now, as companies decide between returning to the office or implementing a hybrid work model, workers are re-evaluating the role of the workplace. The workplace itself has been challenged. It can no longer be a…

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